Random roundup for December 5, 2013

Since I last blogged about my own transition experiences, a few things have happened that wouldn’t warrant a post on their own. First, I’ve started wearing some feminine clothing, though discreetly (where no one can see them if they see me). It helps, a little. Spent some time in a chat room on Steam, made some more internet friends, people like me in all stages of transition. And I came out to my brother, we talked about it, he didn’t really seem to have much to say about it. He did say that he thought our mother would be accepting of my being transgender. I haven’t told her yet.

Hmm, this barely qualifies as a blog post as it is… I just wish I had more to say, more to talk about, but there’s really nothing going on in this arena. Certainly a lot less than I would like there to be.

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