The pitfalls of being transgender in the South

So I’ve been seeing a gender therapist for a few weeks now. I won’t go into many details, but she’s said that for Hormone Replacement Therapy, the only endocrinologist she trusts is in Atlanta, GA. Which is a 4-hour drive. Which makes an appointment an all-day thing, if not a two-day trip (leave out, appointment, spend the night in Atlanta, drive back the next morning).

She has tried other doctors. Her other patients have reported that the doctors have either turned them away and refused to make an appointment, have made and appointment but then refused treatment or refused to even call them back to be seen, or have made the appointment and treated the patient like total crap. We don’t need that, we get enough crap as it is.

Money’s a huge issue for me. I work retail for below a livable wage. I’m being forced to “sink or swim” for reasons unrelated to being transgender, that is, I’m being forced to move out of my Dad and stepmother’s house where I’ve been living for almost three years. I’m trying crowdfunding through PayPal and through but it’s too soon to tell if anything will come of that. I’ll post the links in another blog entry if you’re interested in donating.

I’m trying to find a second job, or a replacement job that’ll allow me to make ends meet. It’s hard to find one, though. I’ve already applied and been auto-rejected at so many places without ever speaking to anyone in person.

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